About the Artist

Monica Fallini has been exhibiting her work at art shows in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Colorado since 2006.

She was represented by galleries in Florida, Texas, Arkansas, USA and in her hometown Paysandu, Uruguay.

She participated in 5 solo exhibitions and 1 group exhibition at the Dallas Public Library in the USA.

Her artwork is collected in the USA and abroad.


Artist’s Statement

My earliest memories have centered around the wonders of nature. I have always been amazed by life and all living things, which provided me the basis of my later studies in Biology at University of República Oriental del Uruguay. My interests however went beyond the scientific approach to life. I loved all aspects of the expression of life as well.

I began to pursue painting in order to capture the beauty of life, which amazed me so much. Starting with a realistic approach, I have evolved and developed a technique, which adds abstract styles to the realism that one sees in their surroundings. Abstract nature, a free and loose style that is full of color, movement and texture. By using techniques that include the use of a palette knife and impasto, I am able to create active and emotional pieces. The resulting works are of abstract landscapes and florals, such as wildflowers coming out of the canvas and wind moving through the grasses. Although there is a spontaneity in the process of creation of a piece, there is also a plan and a drafted design ahead of starting the first stages of the painting.

Today I have the great fortune to devote all of my time to professional artistry offering paintings and portraits in oils as well as acrylic paintings. I feel that my art is full of emotions and I tend to always follow my heart.

Mónica Fallini


Gainesville Daily Register, Texas

Story at the Gainesville Daily Register. Published on Sunday, May 10th., 2014


Diario El Telegrafo, Paysandu, Uruguay

Published story of me and my art in the newspaper of my hometown Paysandu in Uruguay. Sunday, November 23rd., 2014 (in Spanish)



Collectors around the world

During these years I have created over 1,500 pieces of art, 60% of which are in private collections in the USA and in the following countries: Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Russia, Australia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Guatemala, Japan, China, Mexico, Switzerland, Italy and Poland.