Commissioned Artwork


Approximate estimate: 

$ 197.00 per sq/ft (acrylic)

$ 237.00 per sq/ft (oil)


MF Fine Art accepts commissions and original reproductions of paintings on canvas.
This is an idea of prices and some examples of previous commissioned art.

Since these are original paintings and many of them are painted using technique "alla prima", meaning that the brush or knife strokes are applied and there are no corrections, once the color is applied it stays; the reproduction of any given painting is not going to be exactly the same. It may be similar to the original.

All pieces are unique, one of a kind.

Prices are according to the size and medium of the painting:

Acrylic on canvas: $ 197.00 per sq/ft

Oil on canvas or oil and acrylic on canvas: $ 237.00 per sq/ft

Prices are before tax (Texas 8.25% sales tax)
and do not include shipping or delivery.

Please e-mail Monica with any further questions you may have.

This is an example of a commissioned artwork.

Original painting Commissioned painting




Commissioned pet portraits


Portraits in oil on stretched canvas are hand-painted from a photograph.
The quality of the photo is important for me to paint the portrait,
so a good quality photo is preferred.

A 20% non-refundable deposit is required on all portraits, before I can start the painting.
These prices are for a portrait with a studio background, with low complexity.

Please e-mail me with any further questions you may have.


These are examples of commissioned pet portraits.




Payments methods: credit or debit card (Visa, Master, American Express), personal check, Paypal

or cash (in person).

Please call this number : 940-435-5732 for CC payments. Leave your name and phone number.
MF Fine Art will call you back to take your order.

You can also buy your painting via Paypal (you don't need to be a Paypal member)

Contact Monica at:

Thank you.
Monica Fallini Fine Art


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